No degree? No problem.

Some of the worlds most inspiring and successful entrepreneurs managed to grow their empires and fortunes without ever gaining a degree. Here are a few success stories of enterprenuers who shunned education and trail blazed their own path.

Fraser Doherty

Scottish Jam Maker did have one stroke of luck – he inherited his Grandmothers’ top secret recipe. At 14, he went through experiment after experiment to improve the formula and ultimately created Superjam. Rather than pumping the fruit full of sugar, Superjam is sweetened using grape juice, creating a healthy sugar free recipe. Award after award followed, and Doherty was recently named in the Top 10 ‘Times Young Power List’.

Tom Mursell

Tom didn’t believe higher education was the only path to success – and he created a website to prove it. became the UK’s biggest non-graduate careers website, helping people without a degree to find opportunities and creating a frenzy in the careers industry along with it.

Deborah Meaden

Deborah’s career didn’t get off to the best of starts – she ended up walking away from her glass and ceramics company when things didn’t go to plan. Perseverance is often a key part of success, however, and when she moved to Weststar Holidays she transformed the company. A 2005 sale brought £33m, but showing her keen instincts she retained a stake in the company. 2 years later, the company ballooned to £83m, bringing Deborah a small fortune along with it.

Sir Richard Branson

A legent and a true inspiration to university shunners everywhere, Branson was a school dropout who decided to start a youth culture magazine. That lead to the creation of a record label named ‘Virgin’, who secured the Rolling Stones and Genesis. Reinvestment lead to the now massive Virgin Group, including over 200 companies spread across 30 countries.

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