Choosing a mentor

Mentors are important in business, but they’re difficult to find. This guide will help point you in the direction of some helpful resources. Your existing network Friends and Family are one possible resource, but if there is anyone in your social circle that can help be aware that there are potential personal hazards; most people Read More

Your business exit options

There are a a verity of options for the business owner looking for an exit – From simply closing the firm to floating the business to a trade sale to simply giving the keys to someone else. There are different tax considerations, as well as time constrictions, and some options require specific skills to complete. Read More

5 tips for bootstrapping your PR

At its core, PR is about making people aware of your business, so when they have the need for your product they turn to you. However, PR agencies are expensive, and with no experience of PR, how can you compete? Here are our top 5 tips for doing your own PR. Target and Personalize If Read More

Protecting your business from social media threats

There are many opportunities afforded to SME’s from the rise of social media. However, social doesn’t just afford businesses the opportunity to rapidly communicate with customers and suppliers – it can also quickly pass on threats. Spammers, hackers and distributers of malware will be eager to parasite onto your social channels, leveraging the trust you Read More

Using NLP to sell

The key to Sales is Communication, and NLP (or ‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming’) is a toolset you can continually refine and improve to achieve greater communication with your perspective customers. Here’s a few tricks to help you use NLP more effectively. Everyone has a preferred way of communicating. ‘listen your your customer’ is common advice, but it’s Read More

Guest Post; 5 tops for writing a winning business plan

Business plans help set and hold you to goal, Getting the forumla right is vital. Here are my top tips. Honesty is the best policy. Your business plan will be seen by investors and potential business partners and as such, it’s tempting to, erm, ‘embellish’ certain parts of it. The old adage about writing checks Read More

Making the most out of your wifi

Everyone is now familiar with ‘wifi‘ – most have used it to get online in a cafe or hotel and the majority of home internet connections come with it as well. Its unsurprising, then, that the technology has found it’s way into the office as well, but the results are less than ideal. The usual Read More

No degree? No problem.

Some of the worlds most inspiring and successful entrepreneurs managed to grow their empires and fortunes without ever gaining a degree. Here are a few success stories of enterprenuers who shunned education and trail blazed their own path. Fraser Doherty Scottish Jam Maker did have one stroke of luck – he inherited his Grandmothers’ top Read More

Guest Post; Get on top of your supply chain to manage your cashflow

If there’s one thing a business can’t survive without, it’s cold, hard cash, and to many financial analysis’s cash-flow is the biggest indicator of a business’ health and viability. Unfortunately, many startups don’t manage their cash-flow properly, and as a result 44% of new business’ find themselves close to closure by year 3. The first Read More

Friday Infographic;

Every week, it is estimated that as many as 9000 businesses are started in the UK, and there are any number of reasons why someone would want to take on the stresses and chase the rewards of being an entrepreneur. The poor economy means many simply need a more reliable way to earn money than Read More